Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Annually in most Western countries Mother's day is celebrated roughly this time of the year and rightfully so. Who can deny their mother the rightful honor of having significantly contributed to their very existence? Especially as one is reminded from the moment that words are comprehensible of the anguish, toil, blood and inexpressible pain that was involved in causing your existence to come to pass. Yet, no no, they would do it all over again if it somehow was needed to be done again.

The truth is they would.

There is no doubt the existence of a very real bond between mothers and their children that defies even the explanation of the bonds of nature. Mothers willingly give up their time, money, careers, health and even their lives to preserve their children and ruthlessly rate fellow citizens of motherhood by their level of sacrifice for their offspring. Octomom is judged harshly because she is seen as putting her needs first before her children; in fact it is perceived that she had the children to serve her interests, an unforgivable sin in motherhood.

As a Christian and a father of a boy and a girl and one who is willing to sacrifice for his children I have been left breathless at the lengths my wife is willing to go to meet the needs of our children to the extent that I have questioned whether all she was providing was really a 'need'. This is of course a sacrilege with mothers and I was immediately branded as a heretic and was only admitted back into parenthood after swearing a pledge that if it came to a choice between my wife living or my children that I would let her go to the great beyond. This pledge was not to be offered or given lightly.

The boy is still not getting a new Mustang before he goes to college. There are limits here.

There is an understanding with children that mothers are the parent that is willing to give it the all and unfortunately some will use it to their advantage. But the mothers still give and even after the children leave the house they will try to continue to do so, sometimes even to the detriment of the child who must now become an adult.

We of course know where mother's get this behavior from; they get it from the father. Their Father in Heaven that is.

There is a misconception that men where made in the image of God not women. This is false. Genesis 1:27 is clear: 'So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.' Women are a reflection of God's character as much as men and in the role of mother they shine. God's unconditional love shows through the love a mother. There is not a thing a child can do to make a mother not love him; murderers frequently have mothers visit them. Mothers may not always agree with their children, but they will always love them. Men love their children also but their are times when they are ready to disown them. Try as they might, Men can only match that love by having Jesus in their heart, with women it is build into their DNA.

In those instances where for whatever reason you are an individual who had a mother who fell short of acting on her God given instincts to love or she had so many issues herself that she was unable to love you properly I have good news for you. That love, much like the love of a missing father, can be found in God through our Lord Jesus the Christ. Yes, God will not only be your father but your mother also.

To all those mothers out there, like mine, who did show us the unconditional Love of God I say, Happy Mother's Day!

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