Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Freedom of Speech vs. Fascism

Be sure you visit Chick-fil-A today. I don't care if you do support homosexual marriage. What we cannot do is allow people to bully organizations or people into silence. Freedom of Speech in this country has come to mean, 'free to speak as along as you agree with me'. I am against homosexual marriage, but I am not against people having the freedom to speak out and say they support the cause. Elections are for deciding the matter, not groups of people deciding that they can bully others into not speaking out what they believe in. This is what fascist do, not free liberal educated people.

I am an Amazon Prime member and have multiple Kindle devices in my household. Despite Jeff Bezos personal and financial support of homosexual marriage. I am sure that not everyone who works in Amazon agrees with Jeff and punishing them for what he believes in is silly.

So I am challenging all of you who believe in homosexual marriage; go spend money at Chick-fil-A. Send a message that you will not support other people trying to suppress the opinions of those you disagree with. Freedom of Speech is what makes this country great; Fascism is what allows people like Hitler to come into power.

Grow up people.

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